We need 1 guy and 1 girl to represent our brand!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are crushing it for us and we are ready to extend a hand to you and try to help out just as you have helped us!


  • 200 dollars in Free products per month (retail value no discounts included). Anything additional beyond free products sponsored athlete gets at 40% off.
  • Trainer discounting (25 percent off for clients).
  • Custom gear (Limited).
  • Athlete may receive additional fees, to be evaluated on a situational basis and
    depending on performance.

What’s required of a Sponsored Athlete:

  • 3 social media posts per week with All-Star Nutrition gear & products in the pic.
  • Availability to come help with promos at least one time per month (we are flexible on this of course).
  • Workout in All-Star Nutrition Gear (we will embroider any gear that you workout in now).
  • All-Star has first right of refusal if other supplement companies offer sponsorships for athlete.
  • Athlete must engage others in creating exposure for All-Star.
  • Availability, with due notice, to appear in All-Star Nutrition videos and take part in Tuesday take over.

Do you have what it takes? To be entered you must submit a video with the following info:

  • Fill out the .
  • Tell us about you, your background, what sets you apart. What your involvement in the community and why you should be considered!! *
  • Post your entry video on your page and have it shared by all of your Facebook friends!
  • The more shares the more we will notice you!

Don’t have a Facebook account? No problem. Upload your video here. †